2022 Appeal


Dear Friends:

Vaping.  Suicide.  Sexual abuse.  Porn addiction.  Friend drama.  Divorce.  Doubt.  Loneliness.  Depression.  Eating disorders.  Drugs and alcohol.  Self-harm.  Same-sex attraction.  Anger.  Envy.  Sibling issues.  Lying.  Pride.  Hatred of self.  Hatred of others.  Bullying.  Cancer.

With which of the above do public school students struggle, and with which do Christian school students struggle?  If you guessed there is no distinction, you are correct!  Many people think Christian school students are “doing fine.”  While some truly are, the reality is that many - or even most - are not.

In Coastlands’ 34 years of working in Christian schools, students have opened up to our team members about their struggles with all of these issues - and more.  Although many of them want help, they often find it difficult to ask for it.  Some risk their reputations as the “good kid” who comes from “the perfect Christian family.”  Some feel like no one will care.  Some worry about letting down the people that care about them.  Some are trapped in their feelings of embarrassment and shame.  Through your support, Coastlands comes alongside these struggling students in whatever life situations they face and in whatever battles they fight.

Unfortunately, the students’ needs have always been greater than we can meet with our limited number of team members, and their needs only continue to increase!  In the past nine months alone, we’ve notified proper government authorities in two situations – one involving active suicidal planning and one involving sexual abuse that had been going on for several years.  Your support helped them get the interventions they desperately needed.  Last school year, we also had multiple 6th and 7th graders openly discuss their past struggles with suicide.  Did you catch that?  11-, 12-, and 13-year-olds – in Christian schools – talking about when they used to want to kill themselves, when they were even younger than they are now.  Does anyone believe the struggles of this generation will dramatically improve any time soon?

Your support enables us to continue meeting needs as much as we currently can, but it will also launch the ministry into the future!  We recognize more must be done, so a new program has been in development these past few years.  This program should dramatically increase the impact of Coastlands by helping far more students get the additional adult support and guidance they want and need to thrive - not just survive.  We are piloting it in two schools this school year.  Stay tuned for more details and an official announcement in the next few months!  We invite you to be part of what God continues to do through Coastlands’ current ministry as well as what we confidently believe He will do through this new opportunity.

While Coastlands team members serve Christian school students on the front lines across the Northeast, it truly is YOUR donations that make it possible! 

YOU help us have a conversation about heaven with a middle school girl facing a medical battle that she knows she may or may not survive.

YOU help comfort and encourage a middle school boy whose biological dad has never been a part of his life.

YOU help give a middle school girl the courage to resist the pressure to have an unwanted same-sex relationship with a classmate.

YOU help a college-age young man consider a future in full-time ministry.

YOU help high school and college students impact middle and high school students while gaining valuable ministry experience as Coastlands team members.

All this – and more - happens because of your support!

This Giving Tuesday, would you partner with us through a one-time donation or by becoming a monthly Youth Impact Partner?

Thank you for prayerfully considering your partnership with Coastlands so that together we can impact youth throughout the Northeast!

For the Next Generation,

Matt Huffman

Executive Director

P.S. Would you consider becoming a Youth Impact Partner?  As a monthly donor, you’ll build a stronger foundation as we launch our new program, which you’ll hear more about in the weeks ahead.  As a thank you, I’d love to send you a copy of Pray for Me, a guide to help you pray more intentionally for a child or youth in your life!

#GivingTuesday Donation Options:

  • Text HOPE2023 to 53-555
  •  Send a check made out to “Coastlands Consultants” to:

               Coastlands Consultants

               14 Gunstock Rdg.

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  • All donations to Coastlands are tax-deductible.