Are you a committed Christian who enjoys working with children/youth and has a desire to mentor them? Coastlands accepts new team members throughout the year. Our team has a variety of backgrounds, interests, personalities, and talents - there is no "one-size-fits-all." Contact Matt for more information and for how to apply.


Coastlands volunteers, who join our team for one week or more, range from ninth graders to senior citizens, from public school students to Christian school students, and from people who take a week off from work to retirees. Different team members connect with different students and staff at a school. A tenth grader's most powerful ministry may be as a desperately-needed godly role model for a sixth grader, while a grandparent may have an effective ministry to a staff member who has a prodigal child. An introvert may strongly connect with another introvert that other team members would have trouble reaching. Someone whose parents are divorced or whose friend betrayed her or whose teammates pressure him or whose little siblings annoy her can relate with students who face similar situations. Each team member who comes has an important role on the team. Please contact Matt for more information on how to serve with us!